Monday, January 23, 2006


IIM - Singapore

A lot of ho-hulla happening over IIMs moving to Singapore for opening branch… a great step in the line of putting brand India in the field of education. Our education minister questioned by asking the instt to open more branches in India itself first before moving out abroad… oddly enough we too many management instt grooming across the country… what we lack is good infrastructure support … good competent faculty … and less of politicization and commercialization of the subject matter.

In my opinion the HRD ministry should intervene in terms of auditing what most (or rather a lot) of mushroomed instt claim to provide in terms of facility and faculty. Further the ministry should provide incentives and aid (in reqd) to fulfill the current academic needs of the country. However, there should be a clause for penalty on the instt on failing the said standards, especially in any case of higher education.

Though, it is difficult for the govt to support all the instts, there should be regulatory body to ensure that the pvt instts are maintaining the standards … (like we have in other sectors – telecom, insurance, etc.)

Another aspect which the h’ble minister should focus onto is grooming of good faculty/teachers … which is today’s ‘most wanted’ need of our academic infrastructure. The incentives to be a teacher/ faculty/ researcher for the youth in not there at all … in fact, it is observed that in many cases these are folks those who are not been able to crack the corporate minimum requirements…

… There is dearth of those who wish to spread the light of wisdom… can something be done to fill this gap?

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