Thursday, June 30, 2005


Is it really worth it???

This is the most common Qs that come to my mind whenever I go out for shopping (or someone asks me)… (mostly white goods) … whether to buy the latest – best of the breed vs. am I going to use any of these… something that looks good vs. something that is useful… I am sure every one of us faces this problem often…

When I bought my PC … I went for the high end motherboard and CPU… but today I realize that I actually wasted too much on it… I don’t use the core functionalities of the comp which it is capable of … and don’t think that I’ll be using it in the near future too…

Today, if anyone asks me about what to buy… I ask him what’s the purpose … actually, it is after I bought my PC, I realized the mistake I made … and remembered the words of wisdom given by Alok. I just reciprocate his words to others now…

First and foremost thing on deciding what to buy… what’s the prime purpose … what’s the utility… what’s the life cycle of the product… how long are you going to use it… would you be upgrading it (or buying a fresh piece again) … that also brings in Qs of product upgradeability… how much money is involved… what’s the value of the top line, just above product and just below product… what are the features provided and how many of them would you be using… or is it for show only!!! (something on the lines of I have the best… or blah! blah! blah! )

For example, if you are going for a TV (I just bought one)…
Go for most sustainable technology. Have a look at the TV and compare the picture and sound quality for a few of the pieces. If a X piece has extreme good clarity of picture but costs you exorbitantly extra… no point buying that… just go for the model below that…
That’s what I did. I bought a 21” Sony Wega. There were 4 models in this range. First one basic, second one with added feature, third one added with sound boosters and fourth was slightly high end (with some higher picture quality). I found that the difference between the picture qualities, though visibly different, was not so bad in the lower priced. And since I didn’t need sound boosters, I went for the second model…

Another example if you want to go for a mobile…
In my opinion, if you are going for the looks, go for the one that looks best to you… forget additional features (but ensure that basics are there). However, if you find s similar looking piece in relatively lower price… go for that… (a lot of variant have higher prices just for the model number series!). But if you are looking for the feature, make sure you go for the most economical one with most of the features you are going to use it. Further, best would be compromise on little of both and take the one with few new features and has some good looks…

It’s a fast changing market with new variants almost every new day. It’s better to make a worth decision and estimate future value (rather, estimate depreciation in value).

At the end of the day, you should feel happy owning it…

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Me on a Shopping Spree…

Shopping is an ART! Yes… it comes in various forms… planned, impulsive, compulsive, window, or simply shopping… :)

Since I have been back to Bangalore, shopping is the thing I have been doing on a frequent basis … so far on the expensive zone (well researched and hunt around) a TV (SONY Wega 21”) and a TV stand. TV stand… yes… it took me search though entire Shivajinagar (a place in blr) to find a good one with most reasonable price.

The other stuffs are relatively of low value household items… though keeping myself away from the malls as I just tend to do a lot of impulsive shopping during my window shopping…

For most of the things we need to plan … what is our requirement, what’s the budget, where the items are available in the most reasonable price (this includes total cost of ownership: price + home delivery charges, and other charges related to it)

The next in line is a washing machine


Man! Batman!!

Last weekend saw Batman Begins. Nice movie (one time watch)…

The car batman uses is simply amazing piece of machine.

The concept of fighting your fear is also worth a thought. It is interesting to know what your fears are and then have courage to overcome them.


House Hunt…

House hunt is nothing less than a mouse hunt. Though my house hunt is over (for atleast now) … I have been helping a lot of ppl around me in their hunt!

Key things when you start the hunt:
- Budget
- Office Location – in city like b’lore, it is better to take house near to office or nearest residential area to the office; commutability
- Selection of area of residence (in case you have choice)
- Type of residence (flats or apartments vs houses); area / locality
- Nearness to food joint and market
- Water supply
- Electrical supply (most cases this is not a problem) – separate meter
- Security
- Parking space
- Within the house – cupboards, fittings in bathrooms (space too), toilets (flush!) hot water supply, electrical fittings…

Now look for an ad-mag /free ads paper or go to local broker of the area. Local brokers know more and better places than city wide brokers. Don’t depend on one broker… go for atleast 3-4 brokers. Important thing is you might have to compromise on some things, but if you get most of the thing under one roof… don’t lose it… they disappear faster.

Most cases apartments are better in terms of water supply, security and parking space. But they are slightly on the expensive side. On the other hand, houses are slightly less expensive and sometime they provide some kind of furnishings.

Bottom line is … you should feel comfortable living in it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


On Bench…

A very familiar term for the IT folks… it simply means you are a small fish in a big pool, where anyone can catch you… the irony is that you want to get caught at the earliest…

It sounds very good in the beginning … no work… no tensions of deadlines… taking early offs… but soon (especially for workaholics like me), it becomes a nightmare… another day spent unproductively…

Different companies have different names and policies … Wipro call its bench as Free Pool! (A pool of resources) … some companies have a policy of keeping 25-35% of resources on bench … in anticipation of the coming work. But what they forget is that by keeping people on bench they are discharging the batteries without even utilizing it. The energy levels and the morale of the employee swoops so down that even when he gets into a project, the hangover remains for a long time…

Since the day I joined Accenture, I am on bench. Not only that, I have been put in an office which is literally disconnected in terms of facilities (though in the middle of city). This office is meant for people like us … the ‘on benchers’. In a 500 capacity office… around 200 people are scattered around… though there are few projects running … the people around seems to be in leisure mood…

It is very discomforting, when I know where I am going to be… and I am somewhere because there is no seat available for me along with the team! They are expecting someone to go onsite, whose seat I’ll be occupying… interesting isn’t it!

Waiting in exile …

Tuesday, June 14, 2005



Saw the movie STAR WARS: Revenge of Sith...

I don't think people would understand and digest anything if they have not seen the earlier two episodes... i think it would be wise to see the first two episodes (back to back) on DVD/VCD and then go to this one...

though the direction and picturization is similar to the earlier episodes, the story had a nice and interesting twist... (OK OK ... no more story telling).... but a must watch...
(caution: see the earlier episodes before you see this)

now i am waiting for the fourth episode! (if it's on the cards)...



tagged by baba!!! (who believe i am a book worm; though i am not, i would love to be)

reminds me of my Wipro days, when there was no blogs and we used to exchange a lot of emails ... one of the similar emails floated then was about 20-30 odd and stupid Qs for knowing one better... like fav food/ music/ book/ outfit/ ....

anyway... (baba... here you go...)

Total Number of Books I own...
many! (haven't kept a count)... lot of them are management/ technical books, few novels, and few self improvement and self realization books (you know what i mean)!

Last Book I bought
Eleven Minutes
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Pride and Prejudice
(bought them together)

Last book I Read
Digital fortress (borrowed from baba) ;)

Five books that Mean a Lot to Me
1. The Goal
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad
3. Short Stories by Ruskin Bond (a collection)
4. 7 Habits of highly successfull people
5. Five Point Someone

actually there are many more ... (few of them...)
Atlas Shrugged
Kane & Able
Fourth Estate
Eleven Minutes

My Unfinished Book (actually many... the two recent ones...)
Pride and Prejudice
Deception Point

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs
now this is something which is not an intersting job!

1. Alex
2. Alok
3. Prakash (Buccaneer)
4. Ankur
5. Kushal



well its been almost two weeks for me in b'lore, and I still don't feel at home... things out here have changed drastically... looks like b'lore has flooded with people and their cars and bikes... worse still the traffic is outrageous.... (not to forget more than half the roads are one-ways now!)... before coming to b'lore, I thought of buyiung a car... now that seems to be the last option... infact I am thinking of going for a bike ... that too a second hand!

last weekend I went to Forum (the mall) ... and it was worse than brigade road (from the last I saw)!... there was litterally no space to stand, leave alone walk... infact, after coming to b'lore, I haven't been to MG/Brigade so far ... I don't even want to dream to visit those places...
most of my time (so far) have been thru house hunt... and it was like another BIG project for me... the house which are in shit state... asking a sky rocketting rent!... and those who thought they can get away with only 10 months deposits... times have changed... they round off to denomination of 50k! (eg 100k, instead of 70k)... purely a sellers market... you want it - take it or leave it! there are others in the queue!!! not only the owners, but the realtors have become so rude! they speak as if they are the lords (of what?!)
Summary: Banglore is overflowing... flooded with people!!! and I feel ALIENATED :(

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