Monday, January 29, 2007


58 years and going …

Our constitution celebrated 58th birthday this 26th of January 2007. Most of our prominent TV News Channels (NDTV/ IBN Live/ Times Now) are focusing on India … India Poised … State of the Nation … Brand India … India 2020 … mostly debating or discussing over the current issues and potential opportunities for India as Global nation. From Delhi to Davos, India is making its presence felt across. I think media played a major role in creating the awareness (good, bad, or ugly)

One of such ugly aspect of the world against India came into picture – racism … yes the Shetty’s case … well it was just one of the incidents that came into picture and got hyped courtesy media … (this time nothing against media) … but the question remains … is India still looked down upon … I think that’s a never ending debate with too many examples for the either side… however, I just looked inward … within India … we have too many divisions … though none can be classified under the true definition of racism, but it is nothing less than that either… whether it is caste, class, money (or lack of it), gender, occupation, … you name it and it will be there … and then we create a hue and cry over racism.

If this is the way we are dividing ourselves with every new possible way … whatever we progress in the new economy … the positive effect would nullify … and the dream of superpower economy by end of 2020 will just remain a dream. And as we used to boast of our glorified history … we’ll just continue harping over the current global acceptance!

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