Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Me on a Shopping Spree…

Shopping is an ART! Yes… it comes in various forms… planned, impulsive, compulsive, window, or simply shopping… :)

Since I have been back to Bangalore, shopping is the thing I have been doing on a frequent basis … so far on the expensive zone (well researched and hunt around) a TV (SONY Wega 21”) and a TV stand. TV stand… yes… it took me search though entire Shivajinagar (a place in blr) to find a good one with most reasonable price.

The other stuffs are relatively of low value household items… though keeping myself away from the malls as I just tend to do a lot of impulsive shopping during my window shopping…

For most of the things we need to plan … what is our requirement, what’s the budget, where the items are available in the most reasonable price (this includes total cost of ownership: price + home delivery charges, and other charges related to it)

The next in line is a washing machine

I bet your wife will know less about shopping than u do ... and probably instead of u getting bored with her 'window shopping' the reverse will happen ...
But truly Shopping is an art and u r quite good at it !!
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