Tuesday, June 14, 2005



tagged by baba!!! (who believe i am a book worm; though i am not, i would love to be)

reminds me of my Wipro days, when there was no blogs and we used to exchange a lot of emails ... one of the similar emails floated then was about 20-30 odd and stupid Qs for knowing one better... like fav food/ music/ book/ outfit/ ....

anyway... (baba... here you go...)

Total Number of Books I own...
many! (haven't kept a count)... lot of them are management/ technical books, few novels, and few self improvement and self realization books (you know what i mean)!

Last Book I bought
Eleven Minutes
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Pride and Prejudice
(bought them together)

Last book I Read
Digital fortress (borrowed from baba) ;)

Five books that Mean a Lot to Me
1. The Goal
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad
3. Short Stories by Ruskin Bond (a collection)
4. 7 Habits of highly successfull people
5. Five Point Someone

actually there are many more ... (few of them...)
Atlas Shrugged
Kane & Able
Fourth Estate
Eleven Minutes

My Unfinished Book (actually many... the two recent ones...)
Pride and Prejudice
Deception Point

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs
now this is something which is not an intersting job!

1. Alex
2. Alok
3. Prakash (Buccaneer)
4. Ankur
5. Kushal

Dude, I'm sick of doing this. I just gave up and wrote some lines because Veera tagged me, I'm not going to do that again!

Maybe I should start some odd tag event like this and go around bugging people!!
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