Wednesday, June 22, 2005


House Hunt…

House hunt is nothing less than a mouse hunt. Though my house hunt is over (for atleast now) … I have been helping a lot of ppl around me in their hunt!

Key things when you start the hunt:
- Budget
- Office Location – in city like b’lore, it is better to take house near to office or nearest residential area to the office; commutability
- Selection of area of residence (in case you have choice)
- Type of residence (flats or apartments vs houses); area / locality
- Nearness to food joint and market
- Water supply
- Electrical supply (most cases this is not a problem) – separate meter
- Security
- Parking space
- Within the house – cupboards, fittings in bathrooms (space too), toilets (flush!) hot water supply, electrical fittings…

Now look for an ad-mag /free ads paper or go to local broker of the area. Local brokers know more and better places than city wide brokers. Don’t depend on one broker… go for atleast 3-4 brokers. Important thing is you might have to compromise on some things, but if you get most of the thing under one roof… don’t lose it… they disappear faster.

Most cases apartments are better in terms of water supply, security and parking space. But they are slightly on the expensive side. On the other hand, houses are slightly less expensive and sometime they provide some kind of furnishings.

Bottom line is … you should feel comfortable living in it.

There is one more point as far as Mumbai is concerned - vicinity of a local station; even if u don't have to use locals to communte to office - u must try to be near the station.. it helps one get a choice of transport medium (suppose ur car/bike breaks dn?)
very true...
infact i was wondering that there is something which is missing (while i was writing this down)...

thanks for pointing that down...
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