Friday, February 04, 2005


From page 1 to page 3 …

North-East-West-South: NEWS in short – the information around the four corners… today the meaning of this NEWS has gone from reality to popularity… truth to salable stuff … Whether it is TV or a newspaper … the news for which we waited for hear or read, is not there anymore… today its glamour… it is not why you are in news… but whether you are there… probably the best way to be in news is do anything idiotic and catch up with some media rep and Yo! You got famous!

Just saw the movie PAGE 3, and was wondering where our real journalism has gone! I found it pretty much depicting our true stands… some one rightly said –
one step further and the movie could have been in dustbin creating a chaos around the circles!

Some minister had a sneeze… well that’s news while a man killed in daylight is a daily routine – what’s there to report! It’s a free press… whatever they wish they’ll publish…
There can’t be a privacy… everything one does has to be made public… relevant or irrelevant… making non-sense of things … a third meaning of the spoken words… well that’s today’s media… if one has a look into the page 1 – one doesn’t find anything apart from some silly ads and a few reports mostly consisting of political equations or some star making his stardom!

From that point of view page 3 supplies more material than he page 1… atleast some material for your eyes!!! And of-course fashion! ... Something better not worn! Moreover, it does provide the masala to chat and laze the day around …

People actually have started to realize that the news doesn’t consists of content and just is a newly adopted means of entertainment … accepted the fact that no news is good news… so laugh on other’s stupidity…

Unfortunately those agencies who even wishes to publish some content ... don’t survive. They strive hard to maintain their sanctity and integrity, alas! They end up either getting out of business or moving into the streamlined masala mix!

With the stress levels in the community raising high, I think this will continue and probably should continue for the benefit of masses.

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