Saturday, February 12, 2005


MNC vs. Local …

It’s just a week I joined Accenture (IDC), and I am having a feeling if I am at a right place to begin with. Having worked with Wipro, I am just trying to see the difference from a point where one company is one of the biggest in country and other is one of the biggest in the world … the culture… the people… the processes ad practices

In general when we join a company, we have certain expectations and apprehensions about the company… bigger (or better) the company … bigger the expectations… you can’t do without having standardized processes in place… but seems like larger companies have lager “lead times”! Moreover the processes in smaller companies are not only faster & smaller, but also the planning is also in place for the person to get into a comfort zone…

A person coming from a company which has all the processes placed and moving into a bigger giant, where he finds himself in a lot more “chaos” than his previous employer … it just rings a bell with a flashing “yellow” light… "WARNING! With caution! "

I think I am in midst of something similar situation… after being in Wipro and doing my two (ok one and a half) years in post grad, my expectation with Accenture was way too high (it being one among the biggest players in the world). Within a week, this warning signal is just flashing in my head and I am just hoping it’s just a init phase which will go off…

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow!!!

Back to IT!!!

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