Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Once in IT… always in IT…

It’s been long I wrote anything… not because I didn’t have anything to write, but more of my laziness… well of course courtesy… IT Industry ;)

I began my career in IT with Wipro Technologies in 1999, from campus placements of RECT. Being from a non-CS stream I never thought I would be doing anything good in the company as most of the RnD work is given to CS guys… and CS from RECT was no less than a brand in itself…
However, probably the God had something different in mind… I ended up doing something better than I thought… which was not coding!!! For the next 4 years I hardly did any coding … which I could say “yes! I did that!!” . I did lot of design and analysis work through out and in between some code enhancements, but never been a developer!

OK that was past… I moved on to do MBA (from NITIE) thinking that this might help me move out of the IT stream. Well by moving out of IT stream didn’t mean out of technology… but moving into more of a business/marketing role… Huh! things didn’t go that way! With my first interview with Accenture (well that’s IDC!) I realized, I might not be able to get into the area I am looking forward to… as placement process proceeded, and things began rolling… the business units didn’t find me suitable… for one of the main reasons as Wipro – 4 yrs… means heck of programming …. Alas! I had done some of it… SAP and TSMG not even short listing, and KPMG and E&Y not finding me fit! (too old! Or too much of ‘IT’ experience) … with IBM rejecting and Accenture giving me offer… I really didn’t had any choice left with me to make; I had to take Accenture

Had I not got Accenture, I could have tried for a different role with the regular IT brands. However, as things roll down, I am BACK in an IT company (so called consults to world wide) – proving the one liner…

Once in IT – Always in IT!

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