Saturday, February 19, 2005


Small Wonders…

It’s a week now since the Valentine’s Day! After reading Baba’s blog I gave some pondering moments over it… and I kind of agree with it… I think today people are taking a bit too far the meaning of the V-day.

Yes you are right! … I don’t have a valentine yet, but frankly I think I am lucky not to have one. If I had to go through the pains of making sense of non-sense I would have gone crazy by now. I think if you love someone you don’t need a V-day to express your feelings and thoughts. You can always do so anytime. Actually, I found that anything done to your love without a reason go far deeper than what you do on V-day. It’s more like a gimmick as if, you are doing it because everyone is doing it, though you might not be willing to do so… you don’t have to prove it big… small things wonders well, and actually these small things are the ones which makes moments to cherish through the life…

Y’day I saw an oldie-goldie movie “Chhoti si Baat” … and that made my stand more firm on this aspect of love. If we look back into the time, it’s hardly a decade since the V-day craze started in India. Initially, when people actually didn’t have time to spend with their love, it was a good means of showing their feelings atleast for that day. However, as time changed, the event has taken a different meaning altogether. It’s a show off business now. And businessmen are minting money out of this. I am just waiting for the moment when this V-day will become V-week ;)

But whatever happens, there will always be a magic in sharing moments and meaningless things of life … making them small wonders of life.

nice that u r posting stuff...
the fact is that u r j of ppl with valentines and u console urself by saying all this.
i fall in the same league as urself... but i care a damn... no doubt it is good for retail business , especially junk stores like archies and nik nish !!!
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