Friday, March 18, 2005



Freedom has different meaning to different people with different context of thinking. Last night baba and I were talking about freedom in a totally different context … freedom - with respect to the human psyche.

Baba boiled* – At a neutral state every thing is at equilibrium … and human race is like virus that grows within the equilibrium and destroys the sanity!

It’s so ironic, that man craves for freedom on one and hand, and looks for a relationship on the other. And by any means a relationship means making boundaries to your freedom… bringing a kind of dependence within his paradigm… like a catch 22!!!

I think about this aspect of freedom in a totally different angle … from a perspective of dependence and independence … moving towards interdependence. I believe one cannot survive alone – and to survive one needs company; but being in company doesn’t mean that you have lost your freedom… if your thoughts are accepted and agreed to be disagreed (too)… you have the freedom you look forward to… there should not be any forced acceptance of any thought!
It’s in your mind – Freedom!

* Baba is aka boiler in our group

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