Monday, May 23, 2005


Towards the end of an era ...

Today is the last day of my internship at Accenture (Mumbai)... in a few days with my final presentation (of the project), my management will get over ... officially!

looking back ... two years ago it was the same time when I left Wipro to join NITIE to do management... for good or bad... i needed a break from monotonous life... NITIE was a nice opportunity to be dropped! the place was way beyond imagination... a green jungle in the midst of concrete jungle... lot of people fresh out of college having high enthu (unlike me... with enthu died long ago)... two years past by as if it were just y'day I came here...

Though academically, i was not fully satisfied... (disappointed would be a better word) partly from environment (which sometime sucks for people like me) and the rest ... my own efforts were not upto my expectations... things I could have done and didn't do!... plans were just on papers and never executed... but time waits for whom!!! the time has passed and thus the opportunity... but I think I better look for the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Met some nice people... and some weird characters too... made some friends... and some more acquaintances.... ;)

Can’t say if it was a fruitful endeavor overall ... but hope for the best is still alive...

...A new beginning is at the dawn... a new life to take over...

Welcome back to Bangalore!

well, this is probably my 1st post on ur blog.. but i have read all ur posts so far.. blogs r a most wonderful way to express hwhat u feel, and feel what u express..

i must say, almost everyone in our batch will probably call the last 2 years as the best of their lives.. living in a hill station amidst a matropolis.. chilling out most of the time.. and finally leaving with great jobs in their hands..

more than anything, the last 2 years have been a time to find new friends.. understand others.. and build relationships that might last a lifetime..

i must say when i 1st heard that u had 4 years of work ex., i cud not believe it.. since u looked much younger.. but after interacting with u, a different level of maturity was clearly evident.. me being a fresher, have always looked upto u for advice and suggestions.. and am very grateful to the support u gave me during slot 2 of day 0..

hope to stay in regular touch with u post NITIE too.. thru online as well as offline means.. :)

Huh. Someone looking up to Ghodi for advice! Wonders will never cease ;) This is the guy who plugged two bare wires... oh well, never mind.
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