Monday, July 04, 2005


Changing Gears…

After a long battle with the self … I have got an opportunity to move on a track I wanted to run on… yup… (those who guessed it)… I will be shifting from Accenture (IDC) to (back to) Wipro… with a role of sales support & pre-marketing in the Retail Vertical. It was a good feeling as now I don’t have to restart my career from scratch… I am going to change the track over my past… :)

Hope I get what I am thinking I will get ;)

PS: dates of changeover yet to be finalized…

Vivek Paul leaves and you join......:-)

God save the blog world from Wipro! :-p
incidently when i joined first in '99, shoota resigned just before... and now paul!

that's something now inevitable ;)
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