Friday, July 08, 2005


It’s 7/7 now …

I am sure associated terrorists must have been disappointed with the number of casualties in the London blasts. With less than 50 (by God’s grace) the intensity of the 7 blasts has diminished to almost nil… esp. when compared to 9/11 WTC collapse.

Whatever… one thing comes to fore front very clearly… the so called BIG daddies are the least secure of all the places … let it be US or UK … infact these blasts are a big Qs mark on the face of their security, who boast of one of the best defense in the world.

I am filled with admiration for those guys who plan out these evil acts so meticulously … planning to the core details … with proper timings… and who does what… (a perfect example of project management) …wish something similar is done by the concerned authorities to prevent these! (though I know it is easier said than done, as the stakes in prevention is much higher than just destruction!)

In London, though the mass transit system has been jeopardized (which will take huge investments and time to bring the system back into action), the good thing is that people are back into action (though still grappling with fear) and trying to bring the life normal.

The thing that hurts me most is the extremism that is taken in the name of religion. It has just given me another reason to question the Islam as religion… (reasons like jihad, fatwa, parda, … which has lost its meaning in due course of time). However, having said this I must also add … I hate extremist patronization of Hinduism and their propagandas too!

I find it amusing that the Indian govt has "beefed up security" at the metro lines. Does this mean that till the London incident happened, Indian metro trains and stations could have easily been targetted? Are they afraid of copy-cats who would try the same stunt on Indian soil?
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