Friday, July 01, 2005


The Qs of choices…

Well this is inspired by the Baba’s blog

I agree to an extent (rather quite a lot) on the theme… “it’s up to us what we choose to do”… it is we choose to do or we choose not to do!... there is nothing like we do not choose!

However, what if you confront with a situation where you don’t have choices

Life is similar to a game of chess… you have multiple moves, parallel to each other… however, in due course, there are certain moves which are compulsive … where you cannot choose to make a move (from two or more options) … there is only one move! (for instance, at check and king has only one move to save himself). Otherwise you are dead (you don’t choose to die… that’s the end of game). In life also, we face a lot of such circumstances. In a game of chess, you can choose to die, in life that’s also not really in your hands. It is result of certain choices you made prior to it. But, at this particular point it is dead end… and you have to follow what the path is following… there are no options… (even if you don’t want to do it).

I’ll give my example. I choose to leave my job for further studies, I choose to go for placement procedures, but ended up having no choices to select a company for myself. I was enforced to select the path given to me (it was not - take it or leave it… it was you have to take it)…

One possible scenario can be made in terms of choices … reject the offer and get out of process! But that would have been an end! (end of game – check mate). The Qs of self-realization does not occur at all… even though I can have self realization – I CHOOSE to exist in matrix – in the illusionary world (I know it is an illusion, still…)

Confused… well I am too!!!

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