Wednesday, August 10, 2005


movies on the futuristic technologies...

last fortnight i saw two movies ... The Island and Stealth. Both were high on the upcoming technology ... its use and possible misuse...
the basic assumption (my understanding) in The Island was that clones thus developed will be free of any disorders... and therefore can be used to cure the incurable... including having a baby! however, if everything goes absolutely the same way as the clone owner... why doesn't the incurable appear in the clone... after the clone is exactly the same as original (owner)! ... the environmental conditions can be controlled ... food habits... diets can be manipulated... even memory can be programmed, but what about congenial factors! they'll (theoretically) remain same (like all the bio-imprints... or human sugnatures)

anyway... it was like using a nuke to clean up the world... and people with dollar mines don't know how to use it more effectively. it just shows to what extent one can go to attain unlimited life. but there was few good and exiting part of the movie too... the latest sets of gadgets being used ... are way too amazing... (actually that was the best part of the movie)

Stealth was however a bit more predictive (typical US of A movie style)... though the plane was damn cool... Using AI to an extent of self learnability has been shown disastrous in prior movies too (terminator!). American have shown there stupidity out here by puting their men in fighter planes anywhere (and everywhere) in the world they wish to... as of there are no others to watch these activity... and with no anti-aircraft supports... and everyone else (especially the mid-easts) using nukes as toys... carelessly!!!

though the cenematography is good, hollywood proves themselves stupid once again!

The premise in 'The Island' is not that the clones would be perfect, but that you have a backup of yourselves if you ever need any spare parts, or for functions that you cannot perform any more for some reason (e.g. the lady clone who was used to create a baby - I didn't understand why they needed a clone to do that, but perhaps the original just didn't want to go through all the trouble). As they said, it's an insurance policy.

As far as the movies about machines going evil are concerned, this is probably playing on the normal person's fear of technology and the fear of the rapid changes that he sees in the world around him. You can bet we'll start seeing movies 'inspired' by all these in India soon :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.
:).. i agree with u... Hollywood is much hyped.. :)
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