Tuesday, August 23, 2005


A typical night out in Bangalore…

This is the woe of millions working out of Electronic City/ Sarjapur Road/ ITPL, in one or the other IT company … they all start earliest at around 6… and get stuck on the respective highways (Hosur Road/ Airport Road)… sitting in bus/ car and worse on the bike. By the time they reach their so called home, they are more tired of the journey than the whole day of work.
People in Mumbai can relate themselves with this… but they are in a slightly better position than us… as in Mumbai once you board the train the time taken by the train is almost predictable (if not fixed) … out here … you don’t have that luxury… it’s only road transport… and with almost zero traffic regulation, a chaos is what you land into… you get out from one to land into another… worsen by the BMC’s digging extravaganza! … digging seems to their forte by now… but getting that dug road back to work isn’t their cup of tea :(. Added to this injury is partially built flyovers… which are under constructions for past 3-4 years… and god only knows (may be BMC) when will they be completed and functional...

And for those who travel even later (like me)… life comes to a full stop when you reach home… you really run for a place to get some food… as by the time you reach home, its either nearing 10PM or more often beyond that… and those who know Bangalore even a bit, know that it sleeps by 11 PM… and at that time all the dogs of the locality will gnarl and bark at you as if you are the only piece of entertainment around ...

BUT… all said and done… what compensates all the above is a cool night with breeze to sway you … freshens you… and for this reason… I love Bangalore …
Well that's applicable in most of the day time (at least these days...)

Dont know about the life in bang. or mum. But tv says that life in mumbai is back to its normal self. I mean chaos...
Heard a joke on Mumbai yesterday.. The govt claimed that they will make mumbai "THE SHANGHAI OF INDIA"..
All they did after the outpour was to make it THE VENICE..
What a pain to commute under these conditions!

But I am sure the breeze is worth it!
I know the traffic sux!

But B'lore as a city ROX!! (which i am sure you agree). The culture is so astonishingly cosmopolitan, I'd even smile and bear the traffic :)
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