Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Water – the life and the death!

It’s so amazing and scary to see how the life savior “water” can turn into disastrous natural phenomenon. Just 7 months back there was Tsunami … the giant – silent water body roared and demonstrated the power of nature. A month ago it was Gujarat and now it’s Maharashtra… specially Mumbai! With rains pouring and not willing to take a break… creating a havoc and chaos across the life …

However, it is even more amazing is the zest for life of Mumbaikars … springing back to life with the first opportunity … they are upset with the inactions of the respective authorities … but humanity was at its best display … saving others lives and helping as much as possible… keeping themselves busy … and having patience! Hats off!!!

happy friendship day...
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i do agree... its amazing how we find really nice people in times of extreme need..
Agree with you.
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