Saturday, August 27, 2005


We are Indian!

Perhaps it is India where there is too many things to create a diversity … religion being one of them. We have always seen unity in diversity in times of distress or calamity… but what I am going to reiterate is totally different… it is the religious places/festivals …

In Ayodhya (the birth place of Ram) … most of the flower growers and vendors are followers of Islam rather than Hinduism … and they say it proudly that though they are muslims, they really don’t believe in religious clashes… instead they don’t want to have any kind of communal violence or simply “dunga-fasad” out there… they insist that all that happen because of political parties … they actually want the so called temple to be built as it will increase there sale and improve their living conditions… in fact they are also helping in making the temple structure…

Similar aspect is found in the religious festivities … for example Krishna Janmashtmi… the dress material and the decorations being made by people other than followers of hindu… (one of the news telecasts)…

Though most of the intensions are more often commercial … they really don’t want any hindrances around…

This is what I call as being Indian… enjoying the festivities with equal zest… :)

Interesting takes. We always seem to find triva in the most unexpected of places.

hi dude.

most organised religions make a mockery of humanity. as long as we can keep our faith and not lose it to conformity and submissiveness, we've done it.
@nish... how abt humans making mockery of religion!
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