Sunday, October 02, 2005


Strike 3 – you’re OUT!!!

Last week we saw strikes all over… stalling the nation … and since sat’ evening the cable across Karnataka is on strike… yup the idiot box is shut!

Where are we going with this strike… on the Bapu’s day, I just realized that the concept of strike was popularized by Mahatma himself… which then was used for fighting against foreign rule… today is abused fighting with our own selves…

I am not entirely against strikes… but there should be a reasonable purpose … and more importantly the purpose should be understood by the concern parties. Whatever the reason may be the strike will hamper the life and the growth of any country… however if look deeper into the reasoning for the strikes happening … few of them actually are worth it. That means there is a set of major flaws prevalent which are then tried to cover under the carpet… forming policies as tactics and not as a strategies will result these condition…

However, the worst aspect that comes into front is that the situation doesn’t change much (rather at all) even after the demands for the strikes are met… I think people today should rationalize and then cooperate or abolish the strike itself … but those who want to fight against are really out-numbered by the people who want to enjoy the strike as another reason for a holiday

It’s time we HIT the ball out of the ground… (if we really want to win!) - the bigger Qs is HOW??

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