Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Stuck in the Midst…

I wish I had a house/flat in a good locality, with facilities and amenities around, where in I can do furnishing and decorations as I wished… I wish I had a good car ...not a limo… but more than Maruti 800 (I don’t have any as of now)… I wish …I wish…


Back to square one! All these wishes requires loads of money which I don’t have… and even I had the ability to go for loans and EMI plans… new things keep propping up forcing me down… *sigh*

It happened that my brother asked me if there was a major dent in my saving because of him coming over with me… I replied… saving was never there… but, yes a dent in my potential expenses…


Me going home for Diwali… and I am damn scared… (need I tell you why!)

All the best dude! Hope you come back single! :))
All the best. Have a great time and hope fortune favours you soon.
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