Monday, November 21, 2005


Hot & Spicy

Finally I made my lazy bum out of house and saw Garam Masala. A good comedy … with Paresh Rawal at his best… he was simply too good. Akki also reminded me of Hera Pheri… rajpal yadav was also in his form…

I wasn’t sure of getting a ticket… leave alone a balcony… however… I was lucky to get balcony. The moment akki and john abs make their entry… huge shrieks came from my back … when turned to see … it was gang of college girl along with few others (seemingly sitting with their boyfriends)… I just muttered Uh...OH!

Anyway… till the opening song played on I had to bare that noise…

The chicks (in the movie) were HOT… one of them was cool too… ;) alas those shrieking voices should have been somewhere near … :D

But thankfully the focus was not on them… and that made the movie watch-able …

Overall … a good comedy…

good for u. i can never seem to leave my brain behin and sit back n enjoy movies like these.
u r the 1st person from whom i've heard that it was a good movie ... that's y i dint c it all together
Yup, most people reported that it was a so-so movie. Maybe they can't leave their brains behind either :P

I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last Friday, but I am unable to decide whether it was good or bad. Effects were spectacular but the storyline seemed a bit weak. And I haven't read the book.
The drama of watching such a movie in a theatre!

Havent seen a more unnatural movie. Like some one said good for you.
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