Monday, December 26, 2005


It’s that time of the year…

Last few days, one thing that has been consistent in the news is the cribbing of ppl due to fog in northern parts of India. They are cribbing that they are getting delayed because the flights are not taking off… or the trains are not running on time… or similar such stuff…

If I am not wrong, fog like this happens every winter … and ppl know this… then why do they in the first place travel so extensively,… and if they really want to, why don’t they understand that the service is still available rather crib about delays…

I feel it’s better late than sorry… due to extremely low visibility the transportation systems goes hay wire… and that’s not unexpected… you can’t drive if you can’t see the road! But still, ppl crib they are not informed… bloody hell… don’t they know that in this time of the year this is going to happen … flights not only getting delayed but sometimes cancelled… hope not that they take off and can’t land! …and similarly railways… ppl think it’s no problems with railways as they have to run on tracks… but what if there is a train already there on the track or one coming from front!

I agree that there is a issue of proper communication form the authorities, but that shouldn’t be termed as sole reason for there inactivity and all the bashings… for they themselves won’t know when the clear sky will provide them opportunity to serve… they try to take the best estimation and carry operations… however, there is something which does require an immediate attention of the concern authorities – food/drinking water at the airports/ platforms … which seems to be major issue across.

No, I am not a pro for any political party, but I am definitely against ppl who intentionally don’t want to understand the problems and rather than solving the problem add fuel to the fire.

In my opinion, a lot of time, most of the negative feeling is created by the media (read news channels) itself. It’s OK to bring the non-sense in front, but then they should also appreciate those who are providing the service in those weird and dangerous conditions… and taking huge risks of their and other’s life too. I haven’t heard a single word for those from media those who are there for the public… the cribbing junta… who just want to cash on the “rights” and sleep on duties…

Hat’s off to those public servants who are doing their job!

I don't agree with you about providing food and beverages. If the flight is delayed it is nobody's fault and the airline need not arrange for food and beverages.
This is especially true for Low Cost airlines who do not provide meals even on-board. Blow Cost airlines (those who provide such niceties on board) may however provide meals on the airport also.

At the same I would lament against the general quality of airports, on ground services on Indian Airports. This lament remains irrespective of whether flights are delayed or on time. Indian Airports(esp busy ones like Mumbai) suck!!
Good post. Though I'd like to play the role of junta's lawyer :)

The funda can be summarised in a simple question - "Who's the customer ?"

The airport is selling their services to the public. If they cant meet the customer requirements, I feel the customer ought to complain.

I agree with you when you say the authorities are doing their best. But they are doing their best when the fog has already hit.
Had the authorities done their best in planning for this potential problem in the earlier months the problem could have been better managed.

True, media tends to go overboard to hype the whole episode. But they should. I think the authorities should take some heat -and its about time. They let about 8 airlines fly your skies and their infra can barely manage 4. I think we need to seriously expand our infrastructure and quick. What better way to highlight these issues than the media.

What's important here is that unlike a few years ago when air travel was restricted to the select few, today it is accesible to a large section of the upper middle class as well. And where there is a sizeable population involved the stakes are higher - both on the upside and the downside. The sooner the authorities understand this and ramp up, the better it will be for all concerned.
who's talking of free stuff... the bare necessities are not there at all. Anyway, my target is not airlines... they can't do a thing... (read their terms and conditions - they are not supposed to provide); my anger is against the airport authorities... and the stupid consumers.

yes we need to expand our infra at war footing... however, the customers should also do some planning when they travel, taking into consideration of the lack of availability of good support systems... and reaching to the concern authorities with not only problems but with solutions too...
sometimes these simple solutions go longer way...
"Faced with a crisis situation following severe disruptions due to fog, the government on Tuesday warned private airlines of scrapping their flights in and out of Delhi next winter if their pilots were not trained to operate under the new landing system."

The point is that it is technically possible to land and take off even with visibility down to 50 feet on the runway, but airlines are not making use of the technology.

The other problem is the severe lack of space and facilities at all airports (you've seen the one in Bangalore, looks like a railway station). If I am paying thousands of rupees on travel, the least I can expect is that the airlines keep me informed about the latest status. They force me to check in upto one hour ahead of the departure and then make me wait while the fog clears, and meanwhile people just keep piling up. Even in the best of times finding a place to sit in the Delhi airport is difficult.

Hats off to the public servants indeed, but for managing to evade problems like this, that happen every year. We have got into the mode where we feel thankful and grateful if people even perform a small part of their duty because our expectations from them are so low.
happy nu year :)
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