Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Namma Bengaluru

After Thiruananthapuram, Mumbai, Kolkota,Chennai,... it’s Bangalore, oops Bengaluru now…

I really wonder, what these politicians get in doing such stupid and irrelevant activities… if they spend half the time and money on constructive activities, it’ll do wonders… rather they’ll enjoy the so called victory of their mission impossible… (spend the left over funds in celebrations)… and then crib for the lack of resources to do any activity.

I really don’t care what the name of the city should /must be… but what I am interested in is does changing of name will result in more job opportunities for youth… or food and shelter for poor/needy… or better infrastructure (which the city is demanding)… or better facilities for good education in rural & urban area… or ensure rural & urban development… or any social benefit… I am sure your answer would be same as mine… NO.

Then why, and why now??? There are better things to do…

Bengaluru simply sucks man!
Man, don't you understand?! It's for the pride of the Kannada people! Who needs the anglicized city name when we have a perfectly good local language name? As for the celebrations, they mean so much to the real people, the sons of the soil; it's all about pride, dude. We should never forget our traditions and great culture. That is why the roads in Bangalore are the same as they were when the king ate his beans.

Why does everyone harp about food and jobs? There are more things in life than surviving. Giving Kannada the status of classical language is more important than the survival of starving Kannadigas! How can the people concentrate on completing flyovers when the pride and culture of the state is in jeopardy?!

Of course, it will take money to do all this. So pay your taxes regularly and contribute to the government coffers, and don't forget the surcharges. The great leaders of the sons of the soil will make sure that it is used wisely.

Since old is obviously better, the next logical step would be to remove all youngsters from all Karnataka sports teams and replace them with people who are at least a century old. Continuing with that the minimum age for holding any kind of job will be made 60 years. That will solve the employment problem for the youth too, since they won't be allowed to work anyway. Then they can be made to stand in the sun along with the schoolchildren and welcome our glorious leaders when they come to visit.

All railways are to be removed from the state since that is a relic from the colonial age. All bureaucracy will also be removed since that concept too was introduced during colonial times; and the state will revert to being ruled by a king. Everyone will have to speak classical Kannada, and since this post is in English, I don't expect anyone living in Bangalore to understand it anyway. Or is that Benga-loo-roo?
Oh, and one more thing. No more English and Hindi movies for you. No more blogging or reading other language novels and comics. No more English newspapers... come to think about it, since there were no newspapers in the time of the bean eating king, no Kannada newspapers either. No television. Everyone will be the subjects of the king and will do as he says.
did you mentioned bureaucracy ...
well if i m not wrong, if this B is not there, these social thinkers also won't exist... or atleast there stupidity...

your last thought reminds me the new Hutch ad... kabootar wala...
I totally totally agree wit u.. Just cant believe that the big drains from our salaries are going for nomenclatures and re-baptisms!!!
Well, i dont know what the hoopla is all about....But Happy Birthday man!!! (I didnt find any other way to do this :)))) Gimme ur contact no. We'll catch up sometime
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