Monday, March 06, 2006


Meter Down…

Time is money… is the moral of the story in Taxi no 9211 … well when two folks with lots of cribs with them get entangled … chaos happens … for once I thought why the movie is named as Taxi No 9211… considering it has to do nothing (well to say so)… with the phrase ‘nau do gyarah’

hmmm… no I won’t tell you more… good thing is that there is no ‘bollywood’ masala – I mean stupid romance – running around trees – etc etc in the two hour drama… nor there is even more stupid climax … with villains around and hero saving the heroine from the bad guys…

However… there is a word of caution here… don’t take this as a comedy… though there are ample instances of subtle and obvious humor… and keep your brains off at home… otherwise it will be your meter down… :D

a good leng idea by you...please visit for extra knowledge....
Time is the new currency says big big boss too.
Ah, friggin copycats.
Such language! On a family oriented blog too!!
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