Sunday, March 19, 2006


Rationing of Gas …

I need a Gas connection to experiment my cooking expertise! (well… ahem… okay… let’s say cooking non-expertise) …

My hard luck… the new rules – regulations require me to possess a RATION CARD!

A Ration Card??? That’s what they want us to have as proof of address… if you don’t have get it from FCI (Food Corp of India) … and only then can I have the gas connection.

Problems… yes I have many…

First I don’t have time to pay a visit to FCI and get the so called ration card for myself … further I don’t have an address so temporary that even I don’t know when I am shifting next… moreover, what when I shift … get the change of address reflected on the ration card… and what if I change the state (if not just city)!

I am seriously confused with this policy of govt. for the distribution of the gas connection …

I think there are also some "private" companies supplying gas? Or are they more expensive? I guess the normal gas suppliers are subsidised by the govt.

In any case, I just got one of those small cylinder+stove combinations (like Thaks has). But refilling it is costlier than the normal gas connection.

Alternatives are a simple electric hot-plate/heater device or a microwave oven. But when the electricity goes off, you're out of luck.

Kerosene stove? Naaah, you need a ration card to buy kerosene I guess :)
Whats this crap?? Why doesn't the govt wake up to REALITY !!!!

Btw we got a gas connection - without ration card ... but yes they took sme other docs like rent agreement as proof of address ...
just found that it's applicable to karnataka only... :((
yeah.. i can remember my first few days in b'lore... :D .. this too shall pass
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