Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I love DD…

Well the idiot box is going more and more idiot… I used to see surf thru news channels more often than the Star (or Sony /Zee) soap operas… however, lately I have observed most of these news channels are giving run for money to the gossip channels (entertainment channels) like MTV or Channel V … the kind of gossip that can leave you no where…

One day kaif plays well so the channels take pains to cover their immediate family… next to immediate family… their neighbors … and the next day kaif got out on duck the blame game starts again… why kaif and why not ganguly … similarly with sachin, sehwag, pathan, and many others … no offence meant to the respective players, though it’s really funny how the news/ media channels are trying to highlight things and make a mountain over a mole hill… and aggravating the same issue by repeating every 15 mins like nothing else is happening in the world… Another cricket example is of Dhoni… and boy his barber must be on high!

The most recent highlight of the gossip box is that of wardrobe malfunction at LFW … an accident … I am sure the two models were more victimized because of media (rather nuisance of it) … than the accident itself… I agree that such accidents shouldn’t happen but why create havoc out of it… there are more important and priority issues on the table to look into… however, media was busy in making the entire expose public (in all the possible directions/ angles) more than the MMS clip might have circulated …

Another show which takes the icing of the cake is crime shows… (almost every news channel has it by some name)… sometime I really wonder if these crime happened or have been created… they look more dramatized than incidental… and poor people (victims) who are anyway in a state of shock have to play the hero of the show!!! The bigger Qs is, for whom are these crime shows? … I don’t think these are viewed by the respective agencies that are targeted to (say political arena/ police/ NGOs …)

How come I don’t see shows on how a particular NGO is helping the development / rehabilitation work …???

Now, if I want to see the news, I watch our old (golden) DD News… thankfully they haven’t changed much … and they still give you NEWS …

Does Dhoni have a barber?
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