Tuesday, May 02, 2006


For every thing else there is CC…

… sometimes coming of a family member (my mom this time) to your place becomes an expensive proposition… just spent around another 6 grand for Saris for mom apart from the additional house hold expenses and making of kitchen and her to-n-fro tickets – which thinned my wallet by a drastic measure… and as of today my CC bills are nearing my a month’s take home …

However … I have no regrets on what I am doing as every thing said … few things in this world are priceless… and for everything else…

ICICI bank's song 'Hum hain na' playing in the background would have been a perfect fit for this post ;-)

... palkon par hum, tumhe rakheenge
Hum hain naaaSS .. Hum hain na

Har Pal Har dum, hum rakhenge
Hum hain na.. hum hain na ...
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