Friday, June 16, 2006


In the darkness of ‘Power’

It’s really weird that the constituency of the most powerful person (or at least one of them) is denied of electricity; ironically the district has a power plant (NTPC). This is the tussle between Congress and SP – and the city I am talking about is none other than Raebareli – Sonia Gandhi’s (Congress President) constituency …

Raebareli has always been in the news for all the VIP level political reasons … but never was provided with the similar treatment… devoid of all the development activities and funding since the time of Indira and Rajiv, it is still one of the most back laid towns in UP … and today, the issues have gone too wild…

Just before by-elections, Raebareli was given 24 hrs power supply – in a SP led govt in state – with a thought that people might out vote Ms Gandhi … well the Congress old fort had anyway different thoughts… and results are obvious… today the situation is that even though there is a NTPC power plant in the district, Raebareli is virtually living in darkness… as the daily power supply is around just 8 hrs – 10hrs (which is also not certain)

Due to this politics of ‘power’ … a city lives in darknessI can really feel the pain of the students…

Strange indeed, that politicians don't ensure the wellbeing of their own constituencies ;)

As far as the Indian mindset goes, it seems to be a matter of "steal when you can" and "don't give a damn" - power/water theft and wastage respectively.

Here's a thought - 27% reservation of resources for the "weaker" sections of society. I haven't really decided my position on this point yet...
This goes volumes to say how corrupt Congress is - even the top-most person in this party does not ensure well being of his/her constituency (i am referring to the treatment since the time of Indira Gandhi) !!!
Congress is a typical case of non-working party - they have no plans for development, no ideas for progress, no agenda for elections. They just survive because they present minimmum hinderance to the Administration and general people's lives as against BJP or SP who intervene detrimetally....
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