Friday, June 16, 2006


Press or Judiciary???

It has been continuously increasing trends in the press media (read news agencies) to move into investigative journalism … however I think that the press is biting a bit too big than it can swallow… till press represents all the facts and figures and take proper responsibilities (as they take credit) for their analysis (which is of course no less than a fairy tale) … it’s OK… but the moment they come into questioning into someone like the courts do… it’s offensive, rude, intruding, and in my opinion, beyond the boundaries of press…

One of the recent incidents, while I was surfing thru channels, I noticed some discussion on one of the recent cases where in the correspondent/ press analyst was grilling on some lady … Qs like where was she in the middle of night… how many phone calls she made… whom did she called and why & what did they talk about… the press actually made an analysis that if you (she) talk to someone (some he) for long in the wee hours well almost daily (they actually managed to get the call history of the lady) – you are in affair with that guy!!!

Whatever, I am strongly against this and especially when press cooks delicious stories (actually sagas) around something that never existed… especially when they don’t even realize and have concern for the impact it will create (constructive and destructive is second thought) … especially trying to be a moral police and judiciary – making or breaking anyone’s life!

I don’t say that all channels are same… but as time passes the maturity level of today’s press is on a decline and which is definitely not good for countries progress.

I completely agree ... in the Rahul Mahajan Case ..

Media had earlier made a messiah out of Pramod Mahajan when he died while we all know that he wasn;t all that clean..

And now, they have already decalred Rahul Manajan Guilty even before any charges get framed against him...

The media - especially our hallowed journalists @ Aaj Tak need to draw a line between reporting an incident and delivering a verdict on it ...
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