Thursday, August 17, 2006


The adolescent India … Part 1

Celebrating 59th Independence Day, India, on Aug 15th 2006, is still in its adolescence.

Since 1947, India grew rapidly … though attacked by the “friendly” neighbors be it Pak or China … and the helper Russians got themselves dissolved … though the initial steps were extremely focused did little good, were necessary … what went wrong was the flow of national capital was too focused for the 5 years and then the focus shifted absolutely out of sync … be it operation green or operation flood … or opening of public sectors to create employment or 20-20 program… (aka sarkari naukri) … the new age revolution did start in 80’s but today’s politics’ crab mentality is now hampering the growth India is destined to … further, there are multiple smaller pockets of separatists who still believe that they need an individual identity e.g. Maoists and Naxals – spreading through half the states in the country… However, thanks to Information Technology (I.T.) revolution with liberated communication channels and the progressive attitude, India has made it’s presence being felt in the world (namely US & EU)

Having said that, I believe, India is still in its adolescence … still long way towards maturity …

One of the aspect, which I feel, is diminishing among us (including me) is that of nationalism … we are thinking and acting in our self interests without really looking forward to what’s its big picture look like … to a great extent the reason for such thinking lies in the leadership of our nation – political and economical … we have been witness to a number of incidents (factual or rumored) about politicians and leading business honchos working towards creating loop holes and making modifications in the constitution itself to achieve their personal agendas. Most often than not, they all have a common agenda … let me make some more money and very quickly … by any means… and this is what translates the repercussions down the ladder to the common man, where he has no other option left with him than to steal (be it tax, or power, or anything) … which is of course not in the national interest.

Today we have actually put India on to the global map, however, within ourselves we still need to clean ourselves and necessitate a paradigm shift to survive. Some of the key survival necessities have changed its face during the last 6 decades…

to be continued …

India is still very childish...its still so unaware of so many selfish.. throws tantrums every now and then....
India is not adoloscent for me..
It has grown a panache in corruption since the last 50 years..
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