Monday, September 25, 2006


PDA at workplace

It’s not Personal Digital Assistant I am talking about – it’s Public Display of Affection at the workplace …

I am not against PDA per se, but at office – in open spaces or canteens, where senior management also walks around along with the customers, I think PDA is a bit inappropriate and embarrassing for the visitors too. I agree that today the avg age in the software industry has gone to college age – in fact the initial few months or at least the training period is considered an extension of college, but that’s no reason not to maintain discipline. Worse, folks, who have been there in the organization for long, are now joining the band – re-living their youth!!!

I think – office space needs a bit more of “formal” environment and culture – need to maintain a sense of dignity, and should not be treated as just another public place …

I rest my case.

I don't think this is a topic that has any relevance to you or me! Don't tell me you see such things in your office... maybe you can sell tickets to such events and at least make some money.
i wouldn't be writing it if i didn't see it... my office is fast becoming a college hub!
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