Monday, October 16, 2006


Finally I saw LRM …

The movie was entertaining and thought provoking … though I am still not convinced if the concept of gandhigiri would work to an extent… a common man (like me) just cannot survive on the philosophies of MKG… simply because those are too harsh to live …

So far, (am to a great extent even today) – I am not a follower of MKG… but some of the principals I saw in the movie – I have been following them through out my life… not because MKG said… but because my environment taught me so… like honesty and truthfulness (ppl who know me … know I am very bad at lies)… try to resolve issues peacefully and with a thought process … but it doesn’t mean that I don’t lie… I lie / cheat a lot … sometimes to myself too … I don’t think always good for everyone in my life… I am selfish and money minded … things which do not belong to the Gandhian principals…

Another reason why Gandhigiri might not be very effective – is that ppl don’t slap / use lathis anymore … they just shoot … and there is no second chance… further, ppl today are too busy with their own daily issues to wait for anything to happen!!! It’s a race and everyone wants to win … (or at least continue racing till he lasts) … Gandhigiri requires patience… which is something at a scarcity at large.

Bottom line is Gandhigiri is tough … not impossible … but requires high level of will power and inner strength …

Note: after hearing a lot of debate on the word “gandhigiri” through media … I hv only one thing to say … if Gandhigiri is to dadagiri, then Gandhi-ism is to terrorism

I'm sick and tired of hearing about "Gandhigiri". Whoever coined that term should be taken out and shot. And I haven't even seen that movie yet!

And when I first saw the title of the post I thought of this:
and wondered WTF was Chaos doing with the LRM.
LRM circuit acting is quite good one!...nowdays people wants to be ideal(GOD) but when the matter is concerning money and materialistic thngs ,they forget everythng.One should Lie only if it is benifiting anyone and not hurting others. Tody we ll r fighting for thng which no one hs brought and no one will take away.Few lphbet is not working in eybord sometimes ..chlo khetu bye.
im baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! * she yells as she runs away*
He He..
Well Gandhigri is not harsh dood...:-)

It is a little tough to follow.. But its not harsh..:-)
I feel you have lost it!!!
loved the movie...though i wonder if all thos eprinciples wud work in everyday life..but its just so full of optimism that i love it..
The movie was really cool!
But I have no hopes of translating it to real life. :)
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