Monday, October 02, 2006


Nokia N73

Just bought myself a new phone after a long wait… upgrading myself from Nokia 3310 (yes I was using the ancient one) … to Nokia N Series – N73 with 3.2 Mega Pixel camera (Carl Zeiss Optics) and amazing music system (3-D sound!!!) and a large screen …

Though there are plenty of apps which I don’t think so I’ll be using – but when compared to Sony-Ericsson K 790i (I was about to buy this one) – Nokia was way too good looking!

… so far it has been a bit of expensive (& luxury) expense of mine!

Yay! Finally Chaos gets a decent phone. Put up some pics taken with the phone's camera.
Hurray!! The 'old man' of NITIE is no more using the 'oldest phone' in town :-)

Have come to your place after a long long time ... hopefully will try to finish reading all posts before I leave for the day :-))
oh wow!!congratulations :D
iv been thinking of buying aphone for a long time now...jus cant decide on any one...!
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