Monday, October 09, 2006


Pyar ke side effect…

After long time I saw some movie… and this one was fantastic…

Too good … I’ll say everyone who’s yet to marry or is about to… should see this one… it not only talks about pyar ke side effects – it also talks about engagement ke side effect and break up ke side effects and also touches upon shaadi ke side effects

Rahul Bose has again given his best … PKSE really (subtly) touches the pain points of being in committed and is interesting to see stupidity people can go thru…


bhai Abhishek, sab kaisa hai..yeh kya haal bana rakhta hai...apna...engagement ke side effect..pyar ke se....etc etc..:-)..bhai bhabhi dhondon jaldi and enjoy the side effects too....join my in orkut.sent u the invite.
Nice.. right now, I am watching Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna on video--maybe I'll re-christen it "Shaadi Ke side Effects"
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