Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Delhi Metro…

En-route to my home, I made an overnight transit visit to Delhi and this time I took some time out to take a ride on Delhi Metro. It was little nostalgic – as about close to two decades ago I took a joy ride on Calcutta Metro – the first in India. Then I was kid and it was really fun to go underground levels and enter a totally different “clean” zone of Calcutta – a centrally air cooled and sparkling clean floors … trains having automatic doors for opening and closing with a radio welcoming and notifying of the stations coming forth and also the announcement of side of the platform and doors opening and closing.

A similar experience I revisited at Delhi Metro. The only difference was the route I took at Delhi was over the roads and in Cal it was totally underground. Today however, Cal Metro is crowded like anything – especially in the office hours. It being cheap (though relatively expensive), people are now using Cal Metro as an alternative mode of daily commutation. I think in Delhi is reaching that stage fast – though expensive (and relatively inexpensive) – public is rapidly taking it as an alternative safe transportation system. It also suits Delhi as a National Capital!!!

But I think there is still need for feeder services (of either auto-ricks or buses) from Metro Stations to smaller areas in Delhi – something like in Mumbai – may be its there – but I didn’t notice!

Whatever it is … I think it’s a good means of commutation and other state govts should use it as an example for their key cities … Bangalore – anyone listening!!!

I'm listening. But that doesn't count.
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