Monday, December 04, 2006


OO7 … Bond … James Bond!

Have been trying to catch up the bond classics on star movies last few weeks … still - missed out few of them … and finally saw Casino Royale … the latest flick of Ian Flemings’ creations.

My review …

The new Bond – he’s good … Sean was Classy and Peirce was CharmingCraig is Tough! He’s different, but suits the “bond” profile. Great body and looks, and uses more brains (at least in his first movie) than the gadgets …

The Movie – the first few minutes were AWESOME! … The chase sequence on a construction site in middle of Africa (or wherever!) was simply superb … however, the movie loses pace with sudden end of story and dramatic (?!) ending with bond girl giving a negative touch and M justifying her negativism!

Damn! I missed Q!!!

I, somehow, haven't got myself to watch the movie yet. Bond movies these days sound weirdly stereotypical and that disinterests me. But yes, I liked the hardcore look of that new Bond guy. Have to watch it. Thanks for reminding me. :D
this was the first bond movie i saw.. was good fun though..
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