Tuesday, December 26, 2006


The tale of two weddings ...

My home visit this vacation saw two of very close friends got married. I was able attend wedding of one and reception of another. Considering their wedding was separated by just a day, only one of them was possible to attend.

I came home and stayed over for two days. The third day I was off to Lucknow to attend Dr A’s wedding. He’s getting married to another Dr (college junior though) – but an arranged wedding (really surprise factor!). My entrance at his place started with me to take up responsibility of the grooming of the groom!!! Yes … I had to decide what he’s going to wear for his Jaimaal, Pheras and further ceremonies – added with Sr A’s selection too … after a long puja – the barat started – this gentleman was too scared to sit on horse – so Honda city was called for. Barat took its own sweet time to reach the destination … at the destination too – some puja and then jaimaal – and then photo sessions – and then dinner. Post dinner, only family members were remaining for the pheras. Pandits took their time to do the entire ceremony while I spent time chatting with A’s sis. By the time pheras ended and other related ceremonies from the bride side ended it was early morning 5am! … Post vidai we returned home with some more ceremonies waiting … Ah!!! Too many of them … (I am wondering what’ll happen to me when I’ll be the bakra!) … finally I said good bye to the newly wedded couple by 11 and headed back to home. It was almost close to 40 hr non-stop no-sleep which led me in a dizzy state by the end of it…

The next day I had to prepare for another trip … since the wedding was next day of Dr A’s, we (me and AN) decided to attend the reception instead. AN boarded his flight in Delhi on time … but got delayed due to ATC!!! (Imagine 12 planes queued up for take off)… finally AN landed in Lucknow where we just roamed around H’zrt Ganj and straight to my home. The next day we went to Allahabad to catch another train to PT’s home … PT is the guy who got married… the wait for the train at the Allahabad station was the one I am sure AN wouldn’t forget his life … though we started just 4 hrs late, by the time we reached the destination, the train was almost 7 hrs late … phew … the reception was uneventful (by our standards … it was good) … the next day PT came to us (our hotel) so that he can actually catch some sleep which he needed desperately … for the return journey the train which was to take us back arrived just short of 12 hrs late. Thankfully it started just a couple of hours late from the origin station … and reached our destination without more delay … though the woes was increased as there was no pantry car in the train … and the route was also dry in terms of food, drinks, and ... ahem ... The only good part of the over all journey was that we got free upgrades to AC2 from AC3 (which I got booked under tatkal scheme). It was late evening by the time we reached home after catching another train from Allahabad.

After seeing and hearing both the weeding woes … I am really scared!!!

hey i'm "Brood Mode" and not "brood mood" :-)
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