Tuesday, February 13, 2007


On the contrary …

Saw “Guru” last weekend … and my review for the movie is on the other side of the popular one… no doubt about the technical aspects … to the perfection …

However, with little (almost nil) knowledge about the life history of Dhirubhai and having bias of other reviews and comments so far … my expectations with the Mani Ratnam movie was way too high. There were many instances which could be done away with … like two song / dance sequence with ash … (no enmity with her) … but in a movie like this … the intro dance of ash seemed just out of place. Further, the dance at the time of separation of the couple … a dance with a happy note seemed out of context; though the song was extremely good and was perfect with the sequence, should have been filmed in a different way … then again towards the end … a person coming out of paralysis in two weeks time seems really “filmy” …

In my opinion, this movie is a glaring disappointment. An insult to people who trust Mani Ratnam's film-making capabilities. I don't want to say anything more, lest it take more time.
Actually I saw Guru last weekend and eventhough it had some resemblance, not for a bit did I think that this was based upon Dhirubhai.

Overall movie was average but I thought it conveyed an exceptionally strong message. "You can do it, but, you have to have a dream, a vision."
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