Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why is it that most of the recruiters (read recruitment / resource managers) don’t have even a vague idea of what they are calling candidate for … further when the interview takes place … the direction of the discussion is way too different than the expectations set! Worst still, with multiple rounds happening, each of the rounds talks of contradicting roles!! … Seemingly they too don’t know what for they are interviewing any candidate for …

It is not the first time that I have faced this scenario … a lot of my friends also go through the same … and it just reminds me of a cartoon displaying a simple IT scenario of customer requirement and delivery of a swing!

Another issue I face with recruiters is, that they will put you into something that you have been doing … and not a level above based on the past scenario … (well this is a bit of catch-22 scenario) … and further they’ll definitely not hire you for a different role – relevancy of the work-ex (I wonder how to define a relevancy of the prior work ex in a particular field – especially in the case of management roles)

You just told your boss that you are looking for a job
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