Monday, March 05, 2007


Holi – Day…

This weekend it was Holithe festival of colors and it’s been ages I played holi. Due to some reasons or the other, holi always eluded away from me. Last I remember was way back in 1992 or 93… something like that… it used to be pure fun… it was colors only… in the mohalla, I remember we used to have a big tub like place where we used to mix colors and use it as our storage tank… senior members did with gulal and mid age and us kids with the storage tank… for any mischief we were put into that storage tank … and then with the gang of friends going around (actually walking) through the city and neighborhood, visiting different mohallas and other friends … in the evening dress up new and start visiting friends home for home made goodies (gujhiya, mathari, besan laddoos,...) … from one place to another and one house to another … the growing the gang … and ending up at a local holi-milan samaroh, where some band party /orchestra would be singing and trying to entertain the people…

Things started to change when people started looking forward to what is called ‘pakka rang’ – strong color which lasts longer … and it went on to things beyond colors like varnish and paints … and now to mud to anything possible! (Yuck!)

This holi too was just another holiday for me (though it didn’t make any difference being on weekend) … with most of the friends spread across the globe – the get together doesn’t happen … and with busy and fast nuclear families … the fun is also lost … now its just lets stay over home yaar … why waste so much of energy in it…

Loved the post. But same here yaar! I myself haven't played a grand holi since long long time.
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