Monday, April 23, 2007


A B Baby …

Well AB and AR are celebs and of course their wedding is certainly a news element and should be made part of the 30 mins time slot. But imagine 3 days just devoted for this … the research includes who’s invited and who’s not … for instance the new debate is going on as to why are Khans and Kumars not invited… who’s coming and who’s not … why is Sr Ambani been seen when he’s political rival of ABs and Jr Ambani… minute by minute report as what’s happening at their respective residence … who came … when they came … how long they stayed … there is no end to any of these irrelevant stories which though are part of page 3 … are currently on page 1!!!

And what the heck is happening to me… why am I writing this crap and so long!!!


Despite all this news I still dont know where did they go for their honeymoon and what hotel did they put up in? Good to know their european friends/fans are hosting them now
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