Friday, April 20, 2007


Education vs. Sex Education

We don’t need no sex education” – front page head lines on Bangalore Times (the city supplement to TOI) …

It’s only few months, when so many schools were closed for they were teaching in English medium! … I think gov should focus on primary education more than whether secondary education has sex education as curriculum. With changing dynamics of cultural make up, having awareness of sex and more importantly safe sex is really a must.

Few of very prominent reasons I feel that can effect children widely include glamorization of TV serials, movies, magazines, news channels and news papers, advertisements and other media elements … every damn place is filled with sleaze… just because they say that it sells! … Can you prevent kids from it??? The answer is simple NO! From this perspective, creating proper understanding of the related aspects is not only essential but should be mandatory.

But this is beyond the understanding of gov … as they need another new stupid agenda to divert themselves from the issues which concerns more (for instance – primary education and its development) …

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