Thursday, April 12, 2007


Just Married …

NO… it’s not about me… it’s about the movie…

I think every one who’s up for an arranged marriage should (rather must) see this movie… (yes! finally I saw this last week)… it might not help you with what to do … but will definitely help you with what not to do!!! Also it brings out, very subtly, various problems and emotions one faces irrespective of his existing relationships (different type of relationships) …

I also saw Honeymoon Travels … another funny movie on the similar lines … story wise nothing wise in it … but again it also brings out different emotions one might go through post marriage …

There was another movie on the same lines – ‘salam-e-ishq’ which I haven’t seen yet … and from the reviews I have read … I don’t think I need another doze!!!

From the three, Just Married is really good, HoneyMoon Travels nice, and Salaam E Ishq is plain horrible!
I liked Just married.. hilarious and a movie which can be enjoyed with family members around.. barring a few scenes.. in which you need to pretend that youre looking out of the window.. was looking for some feedback on HoneyMoon travels which led me to your blog..

Nice :)

i havwnt seen jus married.. but this is the first tiem iv seen someone recommend it :)
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