Thursday, May 24, 2007


Mumbai @ 1:40 AM!

In my two years in Mumbai (2003-05) … I never felt Mumbai sleeps anytime of the day or night! The fact that the last local leaves at 1:40 AM (from Kurla) as stated in the movie, the autos and the taxis spring up for those who are left behind … (to earn that extra buck) …

But the movie was bizarre!!! At as early as 1:40 AM … at one of the most populated and commercially stuffed place like Kurla, not a single soul is visible on the street … in fact they also showed some more streets … with negligible traffic… which is little too much to digest (those who know about Mumbai – will agree with me) …

Further … the lady luck … dressed to kill (in the middle of night) … and alone! (had she not dressed up like she was… I would have accepted for Mumbai) … and agrees to enter the bar (a dance bar!) … allows the guy with him to go for gambling while she waits for him to return – while the only other ladies in the bar were the dancers … (guts!!!) … and our so called hero was so DUMB to understand this … too dumb to know to speak fearlessly to the “bhai log” …

The movie was too immature … loose direction … and crappy story …

Those who by any chance plan to see… please don’t waste your time/money on it …

Now the Qs… why did I see … I didn’t know which movie I was about to see till the end as the group had booked the ticket without asking me (well I did tell them any movie would do… I wasn’t sure they would plan to see this) … :(

Just a phone call and I could have told you a no-no for this flick ...

I remember a movie called 'Oh Darling , Yeh Hai India!' released in 1999. I would compare the movie to this one.

Similar plot - one night. Similarly unbelievable drama ... but shot in Delhi
i would have to disagree with the review. i agree that it was a lot like Oh Darling.. and also like "Waisa Bhi Hota Hai"..

these films are in a different genre by themselves, where multiple sub-plots come together at the end in a (often) violent twist. these surreal stories do not have much of a message, but score big on shock value and fast-pace "ride"

in fact, some of these cheeky young directors even give credit to the movies they have been inspired by and thank people like Guy Ritchie, Q Tarantino, et al in the end-roll

see it again without the "real life" comparison and bet u will enjoy!
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