Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Weekend Movies ...

Metro …

When the first ad of Metro (life in a metro) came in on TV … my first thought was of a movie – thriller – filmed on a Metro rail – which had been talk of the town then … be it in Delhi, Bangalore, or Mumbai (Kolkata is a old time in this case) … later did I realized it being about the metropolitan culture!

To be frank I was shocked to see the entire script of a play being used here – word by word … scene by scene … almost one part of the movie is about that … I wrote about this play here – "Chabi", directed by Dinesh Thakur (@Prithvi, Mumbai).
Overall the movie was good … little on the extremes but well scripted … but again … the end was lousy. Further, I can agree to the young generation part of the movie, but oldies … Nah!!! That’s something difficult to digest …
Cheeni Kum …

This is one of the sweet movies that have come in recent times … very simple, romantic, elegant and flavored with powerful acting of all the 5 characters … yes including the little kiddo … it tells you how a movie without a good story can be made and made well.

It’s a two thumbs up … a must watch … the timing of the dialogs, selection of characters, and sequencing of the scenes … perfect … Sweet with sugarfree … :D

Oh well, if only I could drag myself to watch Hindi movies, I'd understand what you're talking about. :(
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