Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Customer 2.0

The new generation is pacing fast to the innovative growth and making the technology shift the paradigm – the way it has been perceived and used … Yesterday, technology was used as a tool to enhance productivity and efficiency … today, it is the cutting edge differentiator … it’s not just the tool … it’s becoming the life … and soul perhaps …

Critics were not sure of Web 2.0, when it came, they said – there is nothing new … whatever there is – its’ all there ... on the net (the erstwhile web 1.0) … gone are the static pages who used to load page by page … extract information every time from the source and expected you to do a smart job … today … all the info is smartly customized to every user, presented on the click of the mouse … and is there already … updated … every new day there is new set of customization available … from user to enterprise … (enterprise 2.0) … from tech savvy user (e-shopping) to age old customer … from news reader/browser to new age blogger (bloozle.com) … everyone has there specific needs and this new customer needs it all … in no time … with all the features … and above all … free of cost …

Imagine … what’s for tomorrow …

This is not new - the never ending tug-of-war between thin and thick clients.

The balance will tilt when the general public starts using smaller and cheaper devices to access the web, in which case we'll be back to static, small pages. Then these very same devices will morph into powerful gadgets with enough power to do some meaningful work and then we'll be back to Web x.0

Then there will be a bandwidth explosion and even static pages will be processed and delivered instantly, so we'll move back to thin clients that will only have display capabilities.

In the end, you'll get a direct link to your brain, and viruses will have a field day :)
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