Monday, October 15, 2007


Lead India ...

Caution – opinionated and controversial

Last few weeks there has been Lead India campaign running across India courtesy TOI ( … very innovative way of bringing new ideas, but I have my concerns over the executability of the same and loss of so many good ideas.

There is no doubt about the potential leaders and their thoughts for bringing in change to define the lead India campaign. Some of the thoughts put forward are really thought provoking and executable to the extent of taking that first step. Though, some of us might say, we need that first step to bring in change – I differ to a certain degree. My opinion in this matter is very conservative (unlike me, though), for simple reason that we don’t have even a single thought for the second step forward. What I mean is, assuming we give the final 8 (or even 24) a chance to implement (with a small token amount of 50 lakhs) what they think will be the dawn of change, where are we heading to … will these changes lead to better governance (of the govt in center and state) or our process of electing these idiots (most of them are real idiots and apologies to those who get hurt – but the fact is that few of the politicians might be educated, but they are not just party leaders), governing us … a lot of people ask – ‘do you vote’ … I don’t … why then crib – because the way electoral system in the present form, seems irrelevant – simply because though I am from a small town, I am out of that town last 13 years and there is no way my vote / electoral right will help me or my current location benefit) … and I am sure that my name is not there in the voter list in the first place (assuming I go to vote)! …

Talking about leaders – I think we need to first define what kind of leaders are we looking for – thought leaders or mass leaders … in that respect – current CM of UP – Mayawati is true leader – (I think she got some recognition recently too) … I have not imagined any party (forget Mayawati’s) to achieve single party majority… she actually lead the people to vote!!! and with strict security and very less unfair means of ballot casting, Maya won the battle (if not war) for the power … another leader that comes to my mind is Bala sahib in Mumbai … I am not too sure if he still commands the same leadership as he used to earlier, but then he was (and to a good extent, is) a leader … these guys can move the masses … just like MK Gandhi (who has been the best mass leader I can think of) … Further imagine Rahul Bose as mass leader (he's known because he's actor) ... what about the other participants - for instance Ujjwal Banerjee (a fellow NITIEian, who among those who rcvd lowest votes in sms/internet polls) - can we think of them becoming the 'mass leader' - I don't think so!

Coming back to topic - the Lead India campaign, I think, is just looking for thought leaders… again why … because, these are youth, without muscle/ political power … when people with huge political power (and being in active politics) – like Rahul Gandhi, Jyotir Aditya, Pilot, Paritranam, … (there are many more) – are just pushed to lower decks, when they actually could contribute … I don’t say that they are not doing anything, but they could have done much more, had a proper opportunity been given to them … so back again – these folks will result in mere thought leaders as their actions will be very localized and will go into stalemate situation as the 50L sum empties to zero.

I don’t have any specific solutions to it … but what we can do is try to extract some ideas and thoughts which are executable across India and has immediate impact to the grass root levels, to form as common portfolio of Agenda India (or India Agenda task force) – governed by a body of people not directly from the ugly politics (as these guys are only loyal to the chair) … but from people who are retiring from the business (as mentors), guys from NGOs, and people volunteers who are ready to devote some time of theirs … a body which should exist even when there is a change in govt, … get into action with full transparency … and with penalty clauses in case of non-actions … in cases of failures, revisit these ideas and make changes accordingly … however, the bigger Qs is still hanging – who’ll fund … where is the fund come from to execute the broad agendas!

Agree with you on some points..
But i dont think Mayawati is any good to the country.. Nor is Bala Sahib..
But the sad part is that there aint any sincere politicians in the country.. Likes of Madhav-Rav-Scindhia are few ..:(
exactly my point ... we don't want leaders like maya / bala sahib ... but then will Lead India initiative produce any one such leader who can pull the masses....
Pffft.... the masses get what they deserve; and they deserve what they are getting.

If the majority of the people of this country think that their caste is more important than economic development, why should we complain if their leaders think the same?

If the majority of the people of this country are stupid and ignorant, why won't their leaders be the same?

After all, who are we to decide what's good and what's bad? As long as we support democracy, we have to accept what the majority says regardless of what our personal opinions are.
let's then revisit the def of a leader ... a leader is one who can inspire the masses to certain things (good/bad) - beyond what the mass's intellect can think... he should inspire the mass enough to be elected on a democratic bases ... what our leaders have done is that they have divided the masses in various cuts ... that's how people get moved with the thoughts... they themselves don't have capability to think on those lines ... masses are ignorant - agreed, but then they need directions... u give them direction to the hell stating there is job/ food/ security/ finances/ etc... u give them direction how economic growth and other aspects would help him achieve his daily bread ... he'll vote for you ... chances here are that the opposition will kill you before the election if you came to propose any such ideas, as it is against the process of making loads of money ... (eating from our pockets - taxes) ...
base line is - if we can create a mass leader who can create a mass movement on a constructive note ... to me it still seems impossible in current scenario - even if he's there, he'll be broken down soon ...

too long... looks like a blog itself ...
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