Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Relatively speaking …

Last weekend, one of my friends got married, and I happened to attend the wedding … it has been recently that I attended a few weddings including those within family after a break of almost a decade. And these brought a common thought across – a major shift in trends in traditions and cultural aspects and aesthetics of the marriages...

Long back … the marriage used to be a 5-8 days long affair filled with loads of hulla gulla, traditional songs, lots of food and sweets and rooms full of relatives … Relatives – this is where I find a lot of distinction now – earlier they meant as supporting hands to the family and providing a sense of security and comfort that coordinating the marriage was not so difficult … the responsibilities were divided and owned by most of the members with checklists ready and rolling … now, relatives are there for the name sake … you don’t call them – u have to face the music of ignoring … u call them, they are the biggest guest in the house … rather than proving a supporting hand, they are becoming a burden on the hosts (mostly the parents) – creating a mess and chaos … whatever effort you might put into … no one will ever say a good word or give a hand … you miss even a slightest (may be irrelevant) thing – there goes a hue and cry … the worst is on the back of host … creating the fuss over nothing … somehow, I fail to understand this adventure of the so called relatives … and this has been consistent over all the recent weddings I have attended … family / friends across …

Agreed that time is the most critical part of our lives these days … but then managing time should be owns responsibility … if you are a relative (a close one for that matter) then there are certain unsaid responsibilities and expectations which are there and above the time factors … a little stretch is possibly required. Today marriages are not more than 2 day affair (most cases) … and most of the hosts also want their relatives to come in the core function (to reduce and avoid chaos) and leave … I noticed that a lot of such relatives are making that formality also little too obvious – visiting the party – having food … and moving off … some of them not even meeting and wishing / blessing the newly married couple – whose marriage they are attending! As if they were there for the free dinner/lunch!!! To add to the woes … they’ll crib about missing out on cold drinks during peak winter season … (God must be really crazy to develop and support such brains!)

Marriages scare me. Am scared about the possibility of being married, someday. At least, I feel that way now and I've been feeling that way for a long time now.
I hate attending weddings. Especially the ones where whoever gets married is probably your long-lost cousin or your neighbour or your milkman's daughter. I hate having to attend those weddings. Marriage as a concept hasn't convinced me completely. But well. I do manage to stick around for my best friends' weddings though. So.
Was just prowling as usual. Somehow, I missed it last time. The title. Nice one. :p
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