Monday, February 11, 2008


The new innings …

For those who know me personally have been waiting for this moment …


Buddha mar gaya or the last wicket is finally fallen

Well, frankly I didn’t expect the things to move so fast … it really seemed like being a part of some movie … with so much of traveling added with no proper sleep, it’s too tiring to actually enjoy the excitement … actually all the above have made it difficult to sink in the ‘fact’ of being engaged and committed.

The most difficult part is those who are excited are expecting me to be on top floor of excitement too … and do crazy stuff which is something beyond me anyways …

Whatever … the bottom line is … my new innings have started … and I am sure it’s a long one :)

Congrats!! (on the engagement)
Congrats. Wish you both a great life together.
Congrats.At last u r been sentenced for life time inprisonment. I hope this year, v'day was a v'week for u.Hey listen enjoy ur courtship period ,bcoz this is the best time in the entire life.hv a great time in each moments.I wish a wonderful life to both of u.
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